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NB Industrial Nonwovens is your best source for nonwoven fabric. As one of the most professional biodegradable non woven material manufacturers, Canuxi manufactures and sources nonwoven polypropylene fabric, melt-blown nonwoven fabric, PET nonwoven fabric, and biodegradable nonwoven fabric. If you have a project that uses non woven fabric products, we are willing to get you the specific product you need.

Non-woven polypropylene fabrics are lightweight, easy to clean, durable, flexible, moisture-proof, and have air permeability, high-temperature resistance, and so on, which makes them widely used in N95 and medical masks, health care, hygiene, and agriculture.
Meltblown nonwoven fabric is made by 100% PP. As a pro non woven polypropylene fabric factory, we supply different patterns of meltblown nonwoven fabric for medical use, isolation materials, air filtration, and so on.
PET nonwoven fabric is made of 100% polyester chips. PET nonwoven fabrics are water-repellent, heat-resistant, anti-gamma rays, and have excellent strength, good breathability, and anti-aging properties.
Biodegradable nonwoven fabric is a renewable non-woven fabric, which is widely used in medical and health care, personal protection products, packaging materials, agriculture, and other fields.
NB Industrial Cares about Your Healthcare

As a nonwoven fabric factory, NBI delivers industry-leading medical protective products for healthcare providers, the sanitary materials industry, and other facilities where safety and security are the highest priority.

Industry Applications

NB Industrial's Nonwoven Fabric materials & products are of world-class quality. As one of the mature non-woven polypropylene fabric suppliers in China, we are committed to providing you with a full range of packaging and protection solutions. Our non-woven fabric can cover the needs of the medical, agricultural, filtration, and healthcare fields. If you have any needs, NB Industry is always on call every step of the way.

Nonwoven Fabric Used in Medical Industry

You can find wide non-woven fabric usage in the medical industry to make Medical  PP Nonwoven Fabric and disposable medical wears, including surgical gowns, surgical masks, surgical caps, protective coveralls, and disposable bed sheets.

Nonwoven Fabric Used in Agriculture Industry

NBI is one of the most professional Agriculture PP non-woven polypropylene fabric manufacturers and we can provide you with weed control nonwoven fabric to help you avoid seedling burning and keep moisture.

NBI provides Filtration Nonwoven Fabric and Filtration Meltblown which possess high filtration efficiencies. You can find the applications of these non-woven fabrics in the filtration of air, smog, water, and oil.

Nonwoven Fabric Used in Filter Industry

We are committed to partnering with your company to provide a full range of healthcare and hygiene products. From product development to manufacturing and service, NBI is developed to provide the characteristics needed for a wide array of hygienic non-woven fabric applications.

Nonwoven Fabric Used in Healthcare Industry
About NB Industrial

NB Industrial- Your Professional Non-Woven Material Suppliers

Over 20 years experience in ERP, ISO90001, ISO14001 systems

Covering medical, agricultural, filtration and healthcare use

100% virgin PP raw material guarantee


Provide Degradable PP nonwoven, which has passed the Hong Kong Green Label Certification


National Bridge Industrial was founded in 1994.


As one of the top non-woven cloth manufacturers in China, we have over 35 years of experience in non-woven cloth manufacturing Industry.


There is 10 production lines including pp nonwoven(SS, SMS, SMMS), meltblown nonwoven, lamination nonwoven.


Our products can be applied to 4 main industries: medical market; hygiene market; packing industry and agriculture industry.

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