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NB Industrial Medical Protective Products

NB Industrial Medical Protective Products

NBI delivers industry-leading medical protective products for healthcare providers, the sanitary materials industry, and other facilities where safety and security are the highest priority.

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NB Industrial Medical Protective Products

  • Protective Coverall

    Protective coverall refers to the disposable protective equipment worn by clinical medical staff when they come into contact with patients with class A or infectious diseases managed.
  • Surgical Face Mask

    Our surgical face masks can meet American, European, Chinese standards. We have ASTM level 3 and EN14683 type IIR, YY0969&YY0469 reports, etc. sterilized or not are available.
  • Surgical Gowns

    SMS/SMMS/Laminated fabric surgical gowns can be supplied by us. Our surgical gowns passed AAMI Level 1-3 test. Sterilized or not is available.
  • Disposable Bed Sheet

    Disposable medical bed sheets are skin-friendly, waterproof, breathable, soft. It can be made of PP spunbond, SMS, or Laminated(PPE) nonwoven fabric. Sterilized or not is available.
  • Disposable Cap

    Disposable caps are essential items for doctors in hospitals for surgery. Wearing this cap to wrap your head is to ensure the doctor's hygiene and convenient operation during the operation.
  • Shoe Cover

    Shoe covers one-time usage are using high-quality non woven cloth materials or new PE materials, having the effects of effectively blocking water, bacteria isolation, and anti-slip.
  • Disposable Bedding Set

    Canuxi disposable bedding set is made of superfine and soft polypropylene non woven fabric products, include three-piece and four-piece per set, they are small and portable designed, especially used for traveling and hotel, the material passed the most authoritative and widespread influential textile eco-label OEKO-TEX series certification, escort for your comfortable sleep and health.
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