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Agriculture PP Nonwoven Fabric

Agriculture PP Nonwoven Fabric

Agriculture PP Nonwoven Fabric

The use of agricultural PP nonwoven fabrics greatly saves labor, shortens the production cycle, and increases crop yields. The seedlings covered with non-woven garden fabrics not only have the advantages of convenient operation and management, but also can improve the conditions in the nursery shed, create a good ecological environment for the growth and development of crops, improve the emergence rate and seedling quality, energy saving, heat preservation, ventilation, lightweight, soft, practical, durable, long service life, washable, and have good physical and chemical properties.

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Agriculture Non-Woven Polypropylene Landscape Fabric Specifications

Techinic:Spunbond S/SS
Weight:10gsm to 120gsm
Features:Waterproof ,Breathable ,Soft
Width:From 10cm to 320cm
Material:100% PP
Pattern:SquareDots / Sesame Dots
Supply type:Make to Order
Colour:White ,Black ,Blue ,Pink ,Yellow ,Red or Customized
Packing:Plastic film with special label for exporting in Carton or On Pallet
Shipping Term:FOB ,CIF
Loading Port:Yantian Port ,Shekou Port
Payment Term:T/T  l/C WU
Usage:Agriculture weed control ,Shopping bag

Applications of Agriculture PP Nonwoven Fabric in Horticulture

Agriculture PP Nonwoven Fabric has versatile applications in horticulture, offering durability and beneficial properties. Here are some common uses:

1. Crop Protection: It shields crops from harsh weather, pests, and insects, promoting healthy plant growth.

2. Weed Control: The non woven polypropylene landscape fabric suppresses weed growth, reducing the need for herbicides and conserving water and nutrients.

3. Nursery and Seedling Production: It creates an optimal environment for seed germination and root development.

4. Soil Erosion Control: Applied on slopes and exposed soil, it stabilizes topsoil and prevents erosion.

5. Hydroponics and Vertical Farming: It serves as a lightweight substrate for plant growth in these systems.

6. Crop Bagging and Packaging: Its breathability helps maintain product freshness and shelf life.

7. Greenhouse Applications: It regulates light, temperature, and keeps pests out.

These applications showcase the importance of Agriculture PP Nonwoven Fabric in horticulture, enhancing productivity and sustainability.

Longevity and Durability of PP Nonwoven Fabric in Agricultural Applications

PP nonwoven fabric exhibits outstanding longevity and durability in agricultural applications for several reasons:

1. Resistance to Degradation: It withstands exposure to sunlight, moisture, and chemicals commonly found in agriculture without losing its structural integrity.

2. High-Tensile Strength: The non woven garden fabric can endure mechanical forces such as tension, bending, and pulling without tearing or breaking easily.

3. UV Stability: It provides protection against harmful UV radiation, ensuring its longevity and performance in outdoor agricultural settings.

4. Mold and Mildew Resistance: The fabric is resistant to mold and mildew growth, even in humid agricultural environments, ensuring its durability over time.

5. Temperature Resistant: It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, maintaining its physical properties and durability in varying climate conditions.

6. Abrasion Resistance: The fabric can withstand contact with rough surfaces and resist damage caused by rubbing or scraping in agricultural applications.

7. Easy Maintenance: It is relatively easy to clean and maintain, allowing farmers to keep it in optimal condition with minimal effort.

With its resistance to degradation, high-tensile strength, UV stability, mold resistance, temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, and easy maintenance, PP agriculture non woven fabric provides long-lasting durability in diverse agricultural applications.

Benefits of Agriculture PP Nonwoven Fabric

  • Benefits of Agriculture PP Nonwoven Fabric
  • Environmental protection: Our non-woven polypropylene landscape fabrics and weed fabrics are produced with FDA food-grade raw materials. This kind of NWPP fabric does not contain other chemical components and has stable performance. It is degradable, and is environmentally friendly. Therefore, the produced crops are pollution-free and make people healthy and assured.

  • Benefits of Agriculture PP Nonwoven Fabric
  • Antibacterial: The characteristics of high antibacterial efficiency and long-lasting antibacterial effect, especially for strains that are harmful to crops. Compared to the traditional garden fabric, the non-woven weed fabric have better antibacterial effects, which greatly improves the productivity of crops.

  • Benefits of Agriculture PP Nonwoven Fabric
  • Good physical properties: Our non-woven polypropylene landscape fabric is made of polypropylene spun yarn directly spread into a net and thermally bonded. The strength of this non-woven fabric cloth is better than ordinary staple fiber products and its strength is non-directional. In other words, the vertical and horizontal strengths of the non woven landscape fabric are similar.

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