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NBI's goal is to be the best manufacturer of PP nonwoven fabric and medical protective products worldwide.

Canuxi Technical Help

1. Standard quality control & checking process

2. Air permeability & elongation rate test for pp nonwoven fabric

3. Bacterial filtration efficiency test for  meltblown fabric

4. Particle filtration efficiency for meltblown fabric

5. Test report for 3 ply face mask & foldable face mask

Canuxi Equipment Description

We have Italy imported pp nonwoven fabric production lines which can produce high quality S, SS, SMS, SMMS nonwoven fabric in different colors, production capacity over 1000 tons per month, our nonwoven fabric products exported to many countries in Europe and North American.

equipment description from canuxi

Our 5 meltblown fabric production lines can manufacture thousands of tons of BFE95+, PFE95+, KN95, KF94, FFP1/2/3 meltblown nonwoven fabric for face masks and water filters, we always provide high quality meltblown nonwoven fabric with fast delivery time.

meltblown fabric machine

We have a perfect ISO quality control system, hydrostatic pressure test machine is an important tool to control the nonwoven fabric grade, hydrostatic pressure test machine guarantee our fabric can reach the request of AAMI L1 to AAMI L4 on surgical gowns and protective coverall.

hydrostatic pressure test machine

Some kinds of nonwoven fabrics need higher air permeability when used on special medical products such as face masks, isolation gowns, and protective coveralls, our American imported air permeability test machine can ensure the right air permeability rate of our nonwoven fabric which is provided for these final products.

air permeability test machine