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How Much Do You Know About Disposable Shoe Covers?

How Much Do You Know About Disposable Shoe Covers?

Both disposable shoe covers and medical isolation shoe covers fall under the category of PPE or personal protective equipment. The World Health Organization states that the use of personal protective equipment provides physical protection between microorganisms and the wearer. It provides protection by preventing microbial contamination of hands, eyes, clothing, hair and shoes. PPE also helps prevent the spread of microbes to other patients and healthcare workers. It is important to remember that medical isolation shoe covers will reduce but not completely eliminate the risk of infection. In a World Health Organization publication, it is stated that disposable shoe covers or shoes should be used in situations where blood, body fluids, secretions or excretions of a patient may splash, spill or leak. Medical shoe covers should not be reused and should be discarded according to the protocol of the medical institution.

1. When choosing disposable shoe covers, the difference between the material of medical shoe covers and ordinary shoe covers

First Durable Medical Disposable Shoe Covers are available in different levels of protection depending on user needs. The bottom includes non-slip treads to reduce the risk of slipping during use. For situations where there is a risk of exposure to large quantities of liquids, a range of impermeable medical shoe covers and knee high covers are available to significantly increase user protection.

(1) Material composition of medical isolation shoe covers: breathable film SF non-woven composite material.

(2) There are many kinds of materials for disposable ordinary shoe covers: pe, cpe, non-woven shoe covers, etc.

Therefore, there is a difference in material between medical shoe covers and ordinary shoe covers. Medical shoe covers are made of composite materials, and the protective isolation effect is better than ordinary disposable shoe covers.

2. Characteristics and application of disposable shoe covers

Disposable shoe covers fit snugly over feet and shoes. They have elastic on top to keep the environment clean and dust-free. Usually white or blue, some have non-slip handle bottoms. Shoe covers are one size fits all, but sometimes sizes are included too, from small to large. Disposable medical shoe covers and their accessories are made of flash-processed high-density polyethylene for an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort, with a breathable membrane that is permeable to water vapor and air but repels water-based liquids and aerosols. It provides good protection against fine particles and fibers. Disposable medical shoe covers can be used for: pharmaceutical handling, chemical protection, lead and asbestos removal and restoration, general maintenance and operation, painting, general cleaning and many other operations.

Buchong disposable shoe covers are made of PP non-woven fabric thicker than ordinary shoe covers, which have better tear resistance, stretchable, durable, contain elastic elastic bands, easy to slide on shoes, suitable for most size shoes. Welcome everyone to consult online!