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S Nonwoven Fabric

S Nonwoven Fabric

Water Resistant Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric

S nonwoven fabric is a single-layer spunbond breathable non-woven fabric, mostly used in the packaging field, and SS non-woven fabric is mostly used in sanitary materials. Therefore, in the mechanical design, the making machine for S non-woven breathable fabric prefers to make the non-woven fabric stiffer, and the SS machine prefers to make the non-woven fabric softer. The gsm range of our S breathable non-woven fabric is between 15g/SQM -160g/SQM.

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Specification of S Breathebale Nonwoven Fabric

Certificate:SGS, OEKO-TEX
Features:Waterproof, Breathable, Soft
Width:From 17.5cm to 320cm
Material:100% PP
Supply Type:10cm to 320cm
Colour:White, Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Red or Customized
Custom:Plastic film with special label for exporting
Shipping Term:FOB, CIF
Loading Port:500kg
Payment Term:T/T
Usage:Bags, Furniture, Face Mask

Features of National Bridge S Nonwoven Fabric

  • Features of National Bridge S Nonwoven Fabric
  • S non-woven breathable fabric is softer than other non-woven fabric products. The material it uses is polypropylene, which accounts for a relatively low proportion of the total. The fluffy feel is better than cotton, and the touch is skin-friendly. The reason why S breathable non-woven fabric is skin-friendly is that it is soft and consists of many fine fibers.

  • Features of National Bridge S Nonwoven Fabric
  • This series of medical non-woven fabric has strong air permeability, which can keep the fabric dry and easier to clean. National Bridge's S Breathable Nonwoven Fabric is a non-irritating, non-toxic product that meets the requirements of food-grade raw materials. It does not add any chemical substances to the fabric and is harmless to the body.

  • Features of National Bridge S Nonwoven Fabric
  • S breathable non-woven fabric has unique anti-bacterial properties. It can isolate the presence of bacteria and parasites from the intrusion of liquid inside. The anti-bacterial properties make this non-woven breathable fabric widely used in medical care.

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