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Can Disposable Surgery Gowns Prevent Virus Invasion?

Can Disposable Surgery Gowns Prevent Virus Invasion?

With the development of modern medicine, medical personnel face significant occupational risks due to their work and work environment. They come into contact with toxic, harmful substances, or infectious pathogens during diagnosis, treatment, and caregiver activities, which can harm their health or endanger their lives. The World Health Organization defines standard precautions for medical personnel: all patients' blood, body fluids, and items contaminated with blood or body fluids are considered infectious pathogens, and medical personnel must take protective measures when dealing with these substances. Personal protective equipment primarily involves wearing and hand washing.

Purpose and precautions for using disposable surgical gowns

The purpose of using disposable surgical gowns:

  • Establish a sterile barrier;

  • Prevent microbial and foreign contamination of the surgical field caused by the surgeon's body and clothing;

  • Prevent patient fluids and blood from contaminating the surgical team.

Precautions for using disposable surgical gowns:

  • Wear surgical gowns in a sterile area to avoid contamination;

  • The surgical gown should be of appropriate size and length, without contamination or damage;

  • When wearing a surgical gown, only touch the inside.

Can understanding disposable surgical gowns prevent viral invasion?

Disposable surgical gowns are used by medical personnel of medical units during clinical surgical operations to prevent the spread of infectious pathogens between patients and medical personnel during surgical procedures and other invasive examinations. Disposable surgical gowns are classified into high-performance and standard-performance levels. High-performance surgical gowns: used for emergency rescue of patients with known or unknown infectious viruses in their blood. Standard-performance surgical gowns: used for operations in which the patient is known not to have infectious viruses in their blood. This product is a disposable product that meets the corresponding hygienic and quality standards established by the World Health Organization. Cross-use is prohibited, and it must be disposed of according to the corresponding infectious waste treatment method after use.

The characteristics of sterile surgical gowns include:

  • Safe and convenient;

  • Economical and practical;

  • Double protection to protect both patients and medical personnel from infection;

  • Comfortable to wear;

  • The surgical gown is clean and dry, reducing the postoperative infection rate effectively;

  • Environmentally friendly and pollution-free: the raw materials used are clean and environmentally friendly, and the gown can be incinerated or buried;

  • Triple resistance: alcohol resistance, blood resistance, and static resistance.