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Characteristics and Folding Methods of Surgical Coveralls

Characteristics and Folding Methods of Surgical Coveralls

The three characteristics of surgical coveralls

Surgical gowns are special outfits required for medical personnel during surgeries. So, what characteristics should medical surgical coveralls have to meet the requirements?


Hospitals require medical personnel to wear special surgical coveralls during surgeries. For safety reasons, it is essential to ensure that the surgical coveralls are 100% sterile. Therefore, strict sterilization and disinfection procedures must be carried out to ensure the best protective effect. Most surgical coveralls are made of non-woven fabric and are only used once to ensure health and hygiene and effectively prevent cross-infection on the surgical table.

Breathability and durability

Doctors spend a lot of time performing surgeries, so it is essential to ensure the comfort and breathability of surgical coveralls. After all, medical personnel are always in a very tense state during surgeries, so it is necessary to ensure their comfort and prevent damage to their surgical coveralls.

Anti-static performance

In winter, surgical coveralls should be able to resist static electricity effectively. They should also have good resistance to some chemicals and bacteria. The characteristics of surgical coveralls must be very suitable for surgical environments to complete surgeries smoothly.

How to fold surgical coveralls?

In the process of continuously developing new products for medical surgical overalls, many non woven material manufacturers have overlooked a seemingly small but important technical issue, which is the folding method of surgical coveralls. No matter what type of surgical coverall it is, it must be folded before being packed. Different folding methods can result in very different effects for the same batch of surgical coveralls. A scientific and reasonable folding method makes it very convenient for medical personnel to use. It can complete the entire process of opening, closing, and wearing in a short time, which is very valuable for surgeries, especially emergency surgeries. On the contrary, if surgical coveralls are folded improperly, it will be difficult and time-consuming to put them on, and it may waste surgery time that is directly related to life. Moreover, these small actions at the beginning of the surgery are also essential for the psychological state of the surgeon, and compliance or discomfort may lead to two completely opposite results.

Our folding method for surgical overalls is as follows: unfold and flatten the collar of the surgical coverall upward, and fold the two sides of the collar outward once each. Shake the disposable surgical coverall up and down so that the placket faces down, fold the two sleeves inward, place it flatly, and attach a label to the waistband. Fold and align three times from the bottom up, evenly stack from both sides to the middle, fold and align to the centerline on both sides, and attach a label to complete the folding process.

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