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How to Put on and Take off the Disposable Surgical Gown?

How to Put on and Take off the Disposable Surgical Gown?

1. What is disposable surgical gown?

Disposable surgical gowns are mainly used by medical staff in the operating room when performing operations. The fabric used in surgical gowns is a medical shielding fabric, so the requirements for the fabric are relatively high. Disposable surgical gowns can be used for surgical operations and patient treatment; epidemic prevention inspections in public places; disinfection in virus-contaminated areas; they can also be widely used in military, medical, chemical, environmental protection, transportation, epidemic prevention and other fields. Product performance structure and composition of disposable surgical gowns Its performance is to support body weight, restrict spinal movement, maintain and correct spinal alignment.

2. Learn how to put on and take off disposable surgical gowns

Wash your hands and disinfect them before putting on sterile disposable surgical gown. Grasp the top folded disposable surgical gown with one hand and lift it up. Be careful not to contaminate the lower disposable surgical gown. Lift the two ends of the collar of the disposable surgical gown with both hands, shake off the disposable surgical gown gently, with the side of the belt facing outwards, swing the disposable surgical gown upwards slightly, insert both hands into the sleeves at the same time, and stretch out the disposable surgical gown forward, patrol nurses assist in dressing behind, hands sticking out of cuffs. Lean forward slightly so that the belt hangs down from the disposable surgical gown, lift the left and right belts with crossed hands and turn them slightly backwards, and tighten them after the nurse removes them from behind.

How to wear the full-face disposable surgical gown: the dressing method is basically the same as that of the back-opening disposable surgical gown. The difference is that after putting on the disposable surgical gown and gloves, the itinerant nurse uses sterile forceps or an instrument nurse to transfer the belt from the operator's back to the front, and the operator fastens the belt in front of the waist. The sterile disposable surgical gown can cover the operator's back, making it a sterile field.

After the operation, if there is an operation, take off the disposable surgical gown and gloves first. After the nurse untied the belt, folded the disposable surgical gown from the back to the front, and then took it off. Carefully turn the wrist of the glove. First, pull the left sleeve to the palm of the left hand with the right hand, and then pull the left glove with the left hand. Finally, press the left glove onto the palm of the left hand with the right hand. The whole process prevents the skin of the hand from touching the outside of the glove. If the gloves you remove are not damaged, you don't need to brush your hands again. You simply soak your arm in an alcohol or benzalkonium chloride solution for 5 minutes, then put on a sterile surgical gown and gloves. If the previous operation was a contaminated operation, wash your hands again during the operation, no matter whether the gloves are damaged or not.