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What Are the Requirements for Wearing Protective Disposable Clothing?

What Are the Requirements for Wearing Protective Disposable Clothing?

Wear requirements for protective disposable clothing

Open the sterile package of disposable surgical gown with sterile forceps; find a spacious space in the operating room to prevent contact with contaminants when wearing protective disposable clothing; choose sterile glove size according to the label of protective disposable clothing.

Steps for wearing protective disposable clothing

After disinfecting the arms, take the surgical gown (remember: do not touch the surgical gown underneath with hands), pinch both ends of the collar with both hands, away from the chest, surgical table, and other personnel, recognize the sterile surface of the surgical gown, shake it open and turn it towards yourself. Throw the surgical gown lightly into the air, and insert both arms into the sleeves naturally.

The circulating nurse assists in pulling the two corners of the neckline and tying the back straps. The wearer extends his hands out of the sleeves (the sleeves can be pushed to the wrists by crossing both arms, or inserting hands into the inner side of the opposite sleeve opening of the surgical gown, pushing the sleeves from the palm area to the wrists to avoid hand contact with the outside of the surgical gown).

After putting on the surgical gown, slightly bend over to suspend the waist belt (to prevent fingers from touching the gown and the waist belts from crossing over), hand over the surgical gown belt to the circulating nurse. The circulating nurse fastens the waist belts from behind (to avoid contact with the wearer's fingers) and picks up the middle section of the waist belt with both hands crossed.

Why wear protective disposable clothing?

Protective disposable clothing can also be called surgical gowns, which I believe everyone is familiar with. Surgical gowns are necessary for doctors during surgery. First, let's understand why we need to wear protective disposable clothing.

It is important to know that bacteria are present in every corner of our lives. Although doctors wash their hands carefully before surgery, this does not guarantee a sterile environment. Moreover, bacteria deep in the skin will rapidly multiply during the surgical process. Therefore, wearing surgical gowns and sterile gloves is necessary for surgery.

Secondly, when wearing protective disposable clothing, lift up the collar with both hands and stay away from the surgical table and other personnel. Determine the sterile side of the protective disposable clothing and wear it facing yourself. Gently throw the protective disposable clothing into the air and insert both arms into the sleeves. The straps at the back of the gown are fastened by the nurse. After completing this step, the wearer should slightly bend over, suspend the waist belt, pick up the middle section of the belt, and hand it to the nurse. Throughout the process, care must be taken not to touch the protective disposable clothing to avoid contamination.