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What Are the Uses of PP Nonwoven Fabric?

What Are the Uses of PP Nonwoven Fabric?

Agricultural nonwovens are a new type of material, usually made of polyester or polypropylene, of which polypropylene is the most commonly used material. What are the main applications of anti-aging PP spunbond non-woven fabric?

PP nonwoven spunbond fabric is easy to age and pulverize under long-term ultraviolet irradiation, and the service life is greatly shortened. The anti-aging PP non-woven fabric produced by anti-aging modification has good air permeability and water permeability, and has the functions of heat insulation, heat preservation and ultraviolet protection. It can not only improve the environment and growth conditions but also play a protective role. Therefore, PP non wovens are widely used in fruit bagging in agricultural production at home and abroad. PP non wovens have the advantages of short processing flow, low cost, easy recovery and environmental protection, which are more suitable for agricultural production.

Around the 1950s, European and American countries began to apply PP non wovens to the field of geotechnical engineering, and gradually spread to all over the world, and achieved rapid development. Among them, PP non wovens are widely used because of their characteristics of not easy deformation, acid resistance, alkali resistance, insect resistance, mildew resistance, high strength, convenient storage and transportation, low price and so on. In the field of geotechnical engineering construction, its main functions include reinforcement, isolation, filtration and drainage. It can be widely used in highway, railway, airport, embankment and other railway construction facilities to solve the hazards such as subgrade mud boiling. It can also be used for earth rock dam drainage, underground drainage, subgrade, retaining wall and soft soil foundation drainage.

In terms of urban lawn planting, this PP spunbond fabric is harmless to the environment and plants, effectively changes the traditional lawn planting mode, has the functions of protection, irrigation and heat preservation, can make the withered and yellow lawn and dormant lawn green, and is convenient for construction, transportation and maintenance, reduce labor intensity, improve efficiency and highlight the beautiful effect of lawn.

Aging resistant PP spunbond non-woven fabric is suitable for the use in automobiles because of their environmental protection. These materials are increasingly used for small insulation indoor decoration such as engine hood lining, roof and dashboard. For example, in automobile interior parts, automobile manufacturers hope to stop using non-renewable foam materials, then adopt durable and environment-friendly PP non wovens, and the dust proof products of automobile household products are very suitable for anti-aging PP non wovens.

In addition, this kind of nonwovens also have broad application prospects in products and fields such as industries of sun hat, sun umbrella, outdoor billboard, tent, outdoor backpack, and outdoor sportswear.