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Inspection of Medical Protective Clothing and Its Wearing Order

Inspection of Medical Protective Clothing and Its Wearing Order

Ⅰ. Inspection of medical protective clothing

1. For medical protective clothing to purchase products of reliable quality, the varieties that have been inspected by professional technical departments and meet current standards should be purchased through specialized labor insurance stores.

2. Prepare, wear and maintain correctly before use.

3. Quality inspection: Before the protective clothing is purchased and worn, its quality should be checked against the technical conditions of the product.

4. Familiar with the performance: read the product description carefully, be familiar with its performance and precautions, and carry out the necessary try-on training.

5. Wear according to the method described in the manual.

6. Product performance: non-woven fabric is used as the main raw material, which is made by cutting and sewing, non-sterile and one-time use;

7. Installation and use: Open the sealed zipper of the disposable medical protective clothing, first extend it into the right leg, then into the left leg, lift the medical protective suit to half waist, then put on the hat and zip it to the neck to complete wearing;

8. Precautions: If the medical protective suit is contaminated, worn or damaged, please stop using it immediately and handle it properly; this product ignites, and please keep away from heat sources and open flames when using or storing it;

9. Maintenance: if not used for a long time, it should be kept tightly closed;

10. Configuration list: one isolation gown, one product manual;

11. Warning content: The product is one-time use, and discarded into the medical trash can after use;

12. Storage conditions: The packaged product should be stored in a dry, non-corrosive gas and well-ventilated room;

13. Transportation conditions: During transportation, care should be taken to prevent extrusion, sharp objects, moisture and oil pollution;

Ⅱ. The order of wearing protective clothing

Medical work clothes use different non-woven fabrics and films according to the different requirements of the protection level. This material is very effective in preventing the penetration of particles and penetration of liquids.

The medical disposable protective clothing made of it can protect medical staff from pollution sources, overcome cross-infection, and play an effective protective role.

Protective clothing can isolate germs, so wearing it has a certain protective effect. There are different standards for protective clothing, so the correct wearing order and the matching protective equipment of the enterprise are necessary.

1. First of all, you should wear a mask as required, usually an N95 mask.

2. Wear a hat. Do not touch any part of your face with your hands.

3. Start wearing medical protective clothing.

4. Start wearing protective glasses, which also means that your hands should not touch any part of your face.

5. For protective shoes, you can choose to wear shoe covers or rubber shoes.

6. Wear gloves, be sure to wear them outside the cuffs of the protective clothing.

Ⅲ. Steps to take off the protective clothing

1. First remove the protective glasses and put them in the disinfectant for disinfection

2. Undo your protective clothing.

3. Take off the gloves and place them in the outward-facing disinfectant solution.

4. Take off your protective clothing and put the medical protective clothing in the garbage bag.

5. Take off shoe covers or rubber boots and add disinfectant.

6. When you take off the hat, be sure to put it in the garbage bag with your fingers.

7. Make sure that your hands do not touch your face when removing the mask and mask.

8. Wash hands and disinfect.